Your WooCommerce Customers Reviews, analyzed by the power of IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

Apply the power of Artificial Intelligence to detect emotions/tones in your customers reviews. Following your settings, you will receive email notifications if a customer is Angry, Sad, Afraid…

IBM Watson

The best way to get warned when a reviews really needs an urgent reply and moderation. You will be able to react much quickly and manage the reactions of your clients before they could impact your business.

This plugin will add a call to Watson Ton Analyzer, each time a review is poosted on a product, to analyze it’s content.

This plugin is relying on a 3rd party as a service, the plugin send your content to your own version of Watson Tone Analyzer web service. Only the review text will be sent to the cloud service, no personal data or any other information are sent to the web service. This plugin DO require you to create a quick and easily created FREE account on IBM Watson Cloud.

What is IBM Watson, what is Tone Analyzer?

IBM Watson is the Artificial Branch of IBM, proposing a lot of A.I. differtent services for different needs

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer is the Watson service, that understand emotions and communication style in text.
Base on this it can return a list of emotions/tones detected eventually in your text, with a % of fiability.

See a simple demo of the IBM Watson Ton Analyzer

EXAMPLE of a text passed through the analyze:

EXISTING TONES: the following tones are detected by Watson

How can I apply Watson to the WooCommerce Customer reviews ?

You will need to have a free account at Watson, and create a “Tone Analyzer” service. This is free up to 2500 calls tro the API / month

Then you will receive connexion informations, and you just need to insert your information in this plugin. NO complex settings, NO NEED to be a geek or very tech savyy, very EASY to SET UP

> Create your free acount at Watson: Create my Account

> Once your account is created, create your tone analyser service: Create my Service

WARNING: note that here you need to select the SERVER LOCATION, please save this information, you will need to define the server target

> After creation of your service, you will be redirected to the service dashboard.

>Then find the MANAGE page

you will find here the IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION for your service, API connection values.
DEPENDING on your ACCOUNT TYPE, there is TWO TYPEs of values, an API KEY, or a USERNAME + PASSWORD

Find here the API KEY or USERNAME + PASSWORD, note it,
and a URL. This URL will be automatically generated by the plugin, you just need to know what is the SERVER LOCATION city you selected on previous step (example here: gateway-lon = london)

THAT’s ALL! Nothing more complex. Refer to the STEP A to start setting up your plugin.